Animated Products?

Labotix TEST cabOften it is helpful to your sales team if your product can be animated for web presentation some way.  This may be by means of an interactive tool that allows for a 3d model of your product to be rotated by the viewer’s mouse actions so that all sides and perhaps the top and bottom of the product may be examined.

PLC Industrial Design can do that for you, and provide your web developer with files that can be imbedded into your website giving your site a reason for visitors to stay longer and order more.  As an alternative to embedding the files on your site, a link can be set up to files on a remote server that will give you the same functionality without the complexity of changing your website other than adding a hyperlink.

The model may be a simple rendering, technical drawing style or a photorealistic representation.  As an additional feature, the product may also be modelled in an exploded assembly view that may be rotated to see internal parts and how the product is assembled.

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