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The New Year!

I am starting off the New Year with a design that I really like.  Seeing as you hold this product in your hand when you use it, there is a connection to the product that means that you feel good … Read the rest of this entry

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My wife and I went out looking to replace our well used 20 year old dishwasher today, and what I saw appalled me.  Has all sense gone out the window?  Does no one who designs trays for example know what … Read the rest of this entry

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AutoCad Inventor Pro Suite

I have been using inventor since its inception, and was one of the first beta testers when I had a group of cad operator designers working under me on a machine build project.  At the time we were using Mechanical … Read the rest of this entry

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Art or Design?

As a debate rages in the Linkedin group Industrial Design, I have a few thoughts of my own. One assertion claimed that Art has no purpose, but Design has purpose. Well I don’t agree. Art has purpose Of course art … Read the rest of this entry

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