The Great Canadian Inventor Show (Part 2)


Great Canadian Inventor’s Show (Part Two)

Just a quick aside,  Light Bulb

Light Bulb Patent
Patent for Woodward & Evans’ Electric Light, July 24, 1874

Thought it was Edison’s bright idea? Nope. Two Canadians, Henry Woodward and Matthew Evans, patented the light bulb in 1875. Unfortunately, the duo didn’t have the funds to produce and sell the light bulbs, so they sold their idea to good ole Thomas Edison.

French-Canadian dish, Poutine

Poutine is a great Canadian Invention!

This is a wonderful, if small, event put on each year but a group of people dedicated to helping inventors develop and market their invention.  You may attend the event by invitation only, and only if you sign the appropriat non-disclosure agreement.

Here is a direct quote from the web page of the show site.

“THIS IS A CLOSED EXHIBITION and not open to the public! Only inventors with inventions and innovations that are not being sold in the marketplace and Business Team Associates may register and attend.  Investors are also invited.  No spectators.  We want real inventors, real companies in need and real people who can realistically take real inventions into the real marketplace.”

How do you get invited? Well you will only be invited if you fall into, or would fall into or potentialy fall, into one of these catagories of pot

Business Team Associates

a) Directly-involved people:  a small or large company owner/buyer, company product buyer, entrepreneur starting a new business, manufacturer, a person who wants or needs new inventions for their company/business/corporation e.g. prototyper, injection molding company owner, machining & tooling companies, office/kitchen or furniture maker, giftware manufacturer, sporting goods manufacturer, machine shop owner, independent retailer, etc.

b) investors, financiers, financial investing groups with money for developing new products/services

c) graduated or graduating business, technology, university students looking to start a business with a new product/service,

d) career changers, downsized but with resources to try something new.

e) legal professionals in position to be of direct support to inventors and those investing in them – patent lawyers, trademark experts, paralegals, bankers, etc.

AND you must apply though the website to be invited. No entrance to those not regerstered prior to the event.


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